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Lexington County Sheriff's Department
803-785-8230, 803-345-5554

 Resident Deputy Stoudemire                                       Sargent Finch

DSTOUDEMIRE@LCSD.SC.GOV                             BFINCH@LCSD.SC.GOV  

              803-518-3108                                                     803-606-8220


            CRIME WATCH


Neighborhood Crime Watch is an organization that helps prevent or reduce

crime in the neighborhood, develop a positive rapport with law enforcement, and become the "eyes and ears" for law enforcement. At Crime Watch meetings, residents discuss and plan potential solutions to address the area's

crime problems. This is a great way to meet and get to know your neighbors, which enhances everyone's safety in the neighborhood.  An active Neighborhood Watch program is one of the best deterrents to crime.  We can look out for each other and increase our presence to keep our neighborhood safe!



                       All residents are welcome and encouraged to attend!

                        BE INFORMED.  BE CONNECTED.  BE INVOLVED.


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